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DPF Cleaner East Moulsecoomb

Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in East Moulsecoomb

DPF Cleaner East Moulsecoomb is a top notch service provider of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleansing services within East Moulsecoomb. We constantly give our customers with a expert, yet cost-effecting services.

Any type of automobile that operates on diesel, we all know, needs specialized and regular attention to keep the engine in the right condition. That's where we come in. Our group of professional technicians have the know-how to look after DPF’s on the total range of motor vehicles, which includes cars, vans & trucks below 7.5 tonnes.

DPF fixer can assist you in a number of ways: DPF diagnostics, DPF cleaning as well as aftercare assistance. To ensure your diesel engine car or truck is always working at its best, cleaning the Diesel Particulate Filter is an important process & must be carried out completely.

Our knowledgeable technicians are properly trained and able to help you care for your motor vehicle's DPF, and provide reliable services for you so that your car or truck is back again to its normal condition.

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About Us

Here at DPF-Cleaner East Moulsecoomb, we have numerous years of experience with cleaning DPF’s, and offer a local and dependable service.

We're a team of accredited professionals who take pride in delivering excellent service for our clients. Our expert employees are trained to handle all sorts of motor vehicles, including cars, vans, and trucks.

We use state of the art equipment & strong cleaning agents to eradicate blockages within DPFs. Please speak to us if you've got any kind of worries with your vehicle’s DPF.

Ali W 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Prompt and efficient service by people who know what they're about. They came out to my location in under an hour of booking in a service and was able to diagnose and fix my problem. Would definitely recommend them all day.

Niki vD 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Very happy with the high level of service I received, within 2 hours of phoning they were at the car. The DPF engineer talked me through the process, he was very chatting and easy to talk to

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Our Services

Our expert services here at DPF Cleaner East Moulsecoomb provide you with a customized solution to suit your needs. Our company is an expert DPF cleaning provider throughout East Sussex and we work hard to provide high-quality services each time, to every single client. Some of the solutions available from DPF Fixer are:

  • - Diesel particulate filter (DPF) diagnostic
  • - DPF analysis
  • - DPF regeneration

We provide a solution that is certainly value for money and much more cost-effective when compared to replacing parts of your DPF system.

The Procedure

Whenever you reserve a cleaning appointment with us, the very first thing our own local East Moulsecoomb engineer is going to do is perform a diagnostic test on your car or truck to determine if any defects may prevent us right from cleansing the DPF system.

If any issues are found, we'll be capable to help you decide the next actions to take on.

Upon uncovering absolutely no flaws we shall start the procedure. First of all we clean the filtration system by using our specialist soap based solution. To break-down all unwanted blocks, we are going to let it soak for about forty-five minutes to 1 ½ hours. This would break up the obstruction inside your DPF system and make it simpler for us to do a heat-based clean. During the heat-based cleaning, we'll eliminate all the solution and soot from the filter, leaving it clean and clear.

Last but not least, we are going to totally reset any DPF-related warning lights on the vehicle, so that you can drive with full confidence.


We know that you may have various doubts about our services. These are some of the common questions and their answers:

In order to provide you with a quotation we'll have to very first determine place and type of vehicle as these elements differ and change the costs.

Generally we could schedule an appointment within 2-4 business days. Many times it might be even earlier. When it is urgent, notify our team & we’ll check out exactly what we are able to do for you personally.

The cleaning method usually takes about 1.45-2.30 hrs, if it is extremely blocked then worst case is three hours.

The practical benefits will undoubtedly be seen if you take good care of the vehicle & take it out for very long drives as recommended. The engineer that attends the clean will advise you about preventative steps.

Giving a guarantee isn't feasible, as the way you actually operate will directly impact on the DPF cleanliness, so we have absolutely no control over that. We do provide a 14-day aftercare package in the event that any DPF related issues return.

Our DPF technicians cover most areas within the UK. Utilize your postal code location in order to find out.

We carry out a two step process. Firstly we add the high-strength cleaning agent, that will break up the dust inside your DPF over an hour or so. Next we make use of a heat based procedure to regenerate & totally cleanse it.

If it's a DPF issue then yes we can help you fix it. For almost any other primary issues, we could recommend just what else must be resolved.

Often a mechanic will try to burn it off using enforced regeneration however this doesn’t always do the job to clear the blockages when they are too severe.

Our super high strength cleaning agent breaks up the dirt prior to the overall clean, making certain all the blockage is taken off each and every time.

Absolutely yes after the clean of your DPF, the engineer will reset the relevant lights for this particular.

Limp mode was created to safeguard the vehicles engine, however it has no effect on the engineers carrying out the cleaning procedure.

DPF’s are in fact self-cleaning. The issues take place if you're just carrying out brief travels. If this is the situation, your DPF may require cleaning process yet again, therefore it is generally worth carrying out a longer trip from time to time.

Our engineers will invariably conduct a diagnostics test to start with to make sure the cleaning process can be performed. Should there be any good reasons we can’t do the clean we'd reschedule for another day after the other flaws or issues are actually resolved.

Our 14-day after-care service means that in case any issues occur after the DPF cleaning inside that interval, we will come back and put it correct, even when that means a reclean.

Somebody will need to be right there to meet up with our technician and give accessibility to your motor vehicle. They don’t actually need to hang about whilst the cleaning is conducted, however they may also have to come back at the end for the delivery of your automobile.

The booking fee is to cover up the technician's time whilst running the diagnostic test as well as cover the travelling time required to show up to your specified spot.

If the DPF system is physically damaged then the replacement is needed. Assuming that your vehicle is up and running we'll be capable to do a clean.

The warning light can turn on when there is a DPF obstruction.

Hidden problems might prevent us from performing the clean. If your car can no longer start-up & run, we might not be in a position to perform a cleaning process.

It truly depends upon precisely what the other issues are actually. When they are linked to the DPF issue, then probably yes. Our engineer can really help and talk you through things on their visit.

Service Areas

We are able to offer our DPF cleaning expert services at the East Moulsecoomb location of your choice. All of our engineers require is a decent flat and levelled place for instance a roadside, driveway, or perhaps a car parking area.

Servicing a motor vehicle that is on the slope or steep incline is best definitely avoided simply because of the safety of the technicians.

Our Pricing

Every vehicle’s cleansing price is unique mainly because of the original issue, & condition of the motor vehicle itself, and therefore we cannot give a set cost without analysing the vehicle. However we would like to provide you with a solid idea of exactly what the rates might be. Cleaning a DPF is obviously cheaper than replacing the entire system. Replacements may range between £1000 to £3000, again depending upon the vehicle and its condition. To completely clean the DPF will cost you between £250 to £400 in addition to VAT.

Larger industrial vehicle will cost somewhat more.

Exclusive Rates

We are able to provide discounts to several neighborhood East Sussex customers, such as shipping firms, taxi firms, other types of businesses, and also Blue Light Card Holders. We know the significance of keeping your motor vehicle running nicely, and we are right here to assist you reach that goal.


Among the many significant benefits of using a mobile DPF cleaning services is actually the aftercare that is provided.

As stated previously the aftercare team will certainly phone you within 2 days following the cleaning (apart from week-ends) and we'll be glad to hear your feedback and make sure you are pleased with the actual service obtained.

In the case of any issues, our aftercare team can arrange for a revisit in East Moulsecoomb to correct the issue.

Figuring Out the Issue

Our very first action whenever you contact us would be to ask a couple of questions to discover whether your DPF can be cleaned or not.

Below are some types of queries you may well be asked:

  • Is the motor vehicle mainly used for short travels?
  • Has your current fuel efficiency end up being a whole lot worse?
  • Does the motor vehicle's start-stop operation right now function?
  • Any kind of performance restrictions with the car?
  • Has any garage told you to contact us, or perhaps have you recently witnessed the light on your instrument cluster?

We would choose to not visit when you have other sorts of faults on your car or truck.

For example if your motor vehicle doesn’t start off, it has got AdBlue system faults or perhaps has a heat sensor light on we will not be in a position to perform the cleaning service.

It is occasionally possible for us to visit your car or truck but not be able to reset the warning lights. It could be because of other flaws in the system like DPF pressure sensors, EGR faults, or fuel vaporizers. When this does occur, we’ll easily be capable to help you with what direction to go very next, to solve the issue out.

We can nevertheless assist you to change any defective pressure sensor if your vehicle needs it, at an additional charge. Another thing we could assist with is cleaning EGR valves on particular sorts of cars, if they obviously are only dirty rather than damaged.

When it comes to the fuel vaporizers, this has regrettably, to certainly be a garage based repair service.

Once the work is successfully done, we do not simply forget about you. After two or three working days, our aftercare support team will give a call, to ensure you were content with our services and also that the vehicle is running as it really should. We can schedule a re-visit to you personally within just fourteen days you come across any problems.

If you are not sure if your DPF could be cleansed or perhaps if it must be changed, don't get worried. This is extremely hard to know for sure without having a diagnostic. Therefore if you have got questions, don’t get worried, just call up our helpful people, and they'll have a talk with you to ultimately reach the bottom of your concerns, and arrange a visit when most appropriate.

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Our qualified staff will be able to advise and also point you in the best direction. We understand it can be tough if the motor vehicle has got flaws therefore we want to assist you quickly and efficiently.

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