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Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in Hurst Green

DPF Cleaner Hurst Green is really a primary service provider of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning service in Hurst Green. We always offer our customers along with a professional, yet cost-effecting solution.

We well know that possessing a diesel powered automobile is undoubtedly an investment that requires regular maintenance to maintain it in top condition. That's where we can help. Our group of skilled employees possess the know-how to look after DPF’s over a total array of vehicles, including vans, cars and trucks less than 7.5 tonnes.

Lots of people don’t appreciate precisely how critical it really is to get their DPF cleaned up as part of their standard maintenance of their diesel engine motor vehicle. Not doing so can impact the vehicles overall performance. Our services are not only DPF cleaning. Additionally we provide DPF diagnostics and aftercare assistance.

Our professional employees are properly trained and ready to help look after your motor vehicle's DPF, and offer reliable services for you so your car or truck is back to its normal condition.

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About Our Firm

Here at DPF-Cleaner Hurst Green, we have numerous years of experience in cleaning DPF’s, and provide a local and trustworthy service.

We're a team of accredited professionals who have great pride in offering high quality service to our customers. Our expert employees are trained to handle all sorts of motor vehicles, such as cars, vans, & trucks.

We use state-of-the-art equipment as well as strong detergents to dissolve blockages within DPFs. Be sure to call us when you have any kind of problems because of your motor vehicle’s DPF.

Casey K 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Arrived on time (actually, early) got everything sorted quicker than expected, all for less than Land Rover were quoting just to diagnose the issue.

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DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Great service from start to finish. Very professional. Engineer that came out was with us when we were told he’d be there, good communication and very professional.

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Our Services

Our services at DPF Cleaner Hurst Green give you a customised service to meet your requirements. We are a professional DPF cleaning service provider in East Sussex and that we work hard to give top quality service each time, to each and every client. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • - Diesel particulate filter (DPF) diagnostic
  • - Diesel particulate filter cleaning
  • - DPF re-generation

We provide a solution that is certainly value for your money plus more cost effective compared to replacing the different parts of the DPF system.

Our Process

For your DPF cleaning appointment, our Local Hurst Green technician will first complete a diagnostic test on the automobile. We first need to know that there aren’t any kind of underlying issues that may prevent us right from cleaning your DPF system.

When we locate any problems, we will suggest you on the right option to take.

Provided all aspects are good on your automobile, we'll proceed with introducing our high-strength specialized detergent straight into the DPF. It'll then be eventually left to soak for in between 45 & 90 minutes to allow the soap to accomplish its work. This will break-down the obstruction inside your DPF system and make it easier for us to perform a heat-based clean up. Whilst executing heat cleaning, we would certainly cleanse the system of all solution and dirt right from the filter so it's eventually left crystal-clear and clean.

To finish this process, we reset any kind of cautionary lights on the car or truck so that you could happily continue your journey.

Answers to Common Queries

DPF cleaning is not a well known procedure, so many individuals usually have queries about it. Listed here is a selection of the frequently asked ones:

It truly does depend on the automobile type & exactly where it's situated. Having said that, it is far less than the cost to replace your DPF & we can provide a quotation prior to our visit.

Normally we could schedule a session within 2 to 4 working days. Most of the time it could be even earlier. When it is urgent, inform our team and we will see what we can do for you personally.

It usually takes anywhere from around 1:45-2:30 hours. 3 hours at most if it's really blocked.

The benefits will undoubtedly be witnessed when you take care of your vehicle & take it out for long drives like suggested. The engineer that attends to the clean will tell you about preventive steps.

A warranty isn't feasible to provide as the DPF is impacted by the way that the automobile is operated. But we actually do offer a 14 day aftercare services just in case anything DPF- related issues occur.

More than likely yes, however we will obtain the postcode of the spot where the service is to be given, in order to make absolutely sure very first.

It is a two stage cleansing method in which we break-down & soften the blockage within the DPF using high strength detergents & performing a regeneration later on.

So long as it is the DPF obstruction we are addressing then of course it will eventually. For any other primary issues, we will recommend what else needs to be fixed.

The bottom line is that cleaning DPF’s is a dedicated process. Garages are fantastic to some extent, but generally make an effort to force the cleaning process, by burning the dirt away followed by resetting the alert light. It may solve severe blockages for a short while, but it isn’t a lasting remedy.

Our service makes sure the blockage is all broken down in order that whenever we conduct a regeneration, we are able to remove all of the blockage.

Absolutely yes right after the cleaning process of your DPF, the engineer will certainly reset the relevant lights for this particular.

Of course, we could, limp mode does not stop the technicians from performing the fix.

Lengthy drives in a vehicle imply that the DPF will go on to clean itself which means that this will probably be ideal. But if you mostly do brief runs it may get blocked again.

Conducting a diagnostics check before we actually start off the cleansing process is the vital thing. This will let us know when there were clearly other concerns that had to be sorted, prior to we could return to finish the cleaning process. Our pre-clean diagnostics process would mean we haven’t been beaten yet.

We provide 14 day aftercare. If any DPF-related alert light and or codes appear we then will certainly arrange to visit again to re-evaluate and reclean the automobile if it's required.

We'd like somebody to be there on planned arrival & finish for accessibility to the motor vehicle, running diagnostics, road testing, paperwork & settlement. When we do the cleaning process you don't have to be present.

The booking fees would be to cover the engineer’s time while running the diagnostics test & cover the travel time needed to arrive to the set spot.

We'll be able to clean your DPF system if the vehicle is operating all right. However, if it is not as well as the DPF system is bodily ruined you really need to change the DPF.

The light will turn on if there is a DPF blockage.

Underlying problems might stop us from doing our cleaning process. When your vehicle can no longer start up & run, we might not be in a position to perform a cleaning process.

Based on exactly what the issues are actually, they can be able to be totally reset. DPF blockage related problems are generally removed. It's best to discuss with the technician since they may have the right technical advice.


We take great pride in the fact that not only do we carry out an effective cleansing service for the DPF, but that we also include an outstanding aftercare.

Our aftercare team will get in touch with each and every client in two business days, to make sure that all is well.

Figuring Out the Problem

Whenever you contact us to reserve a cleaning session, we are going to ask you a few questions to determine whether your current DPF could be cleaned out.

Listed below are some types of questions you might be asked:

  • Is the car or truck primarily utilized for short travels?
  • Have you ever spotted a decrease in the MPG?
  • If your car has got a start/stop function, does it look operating properly?
  • Is your vehicle not performing as good as it previously used to?
  • Are you presently warned by the car dashboard light or have you taken it to some mechanic to get diagnosed?

We might choose to not visit in case you have other flaws on the motor vehicle.

In case for example there are many more defects on your car or truck, such as a defective temperature sensor, or a issue with the AdBlue system. Also if your vehicle engine is not working, we unfortunately won’t be capable to carry out a DPF clean.

It is at times entirely possible for us to view your vehicle but be unable to reset the alert lights. If other sorts of fault codes are appearing we will assist you with advise on the subsequent plan of action.

We can however assist you replace a defective pressure sensing unit if the motor vehicle requires it, for an additional cost. A couple of flaws which are typical are usually EGR faults, DPF pressure sensors and also fuel vaporizers that are a common fault on Ford cars. Always striving to supply a full services, on certain cars we can actually clean up the EGR valve, provided the only just issue is dust build-up.

Fuel vaporizers are only exchangeable in a garage therefore this will definitely be suggested.

Our aftercare team is going to get in touch with you within 2 days of our visit (apart from weekends) to check exactly how the service was and the way your motor vehicle is actually performing. We can arrange a revisit to you personally in 14 days you actually experience any kind of faults.

Sometimes customers might be uncertain if the DPF is able to be cleaned or if it needs replacement. It is tough to know until a complete diagnostic has been carried out. Our booking staff will request for as many details as possible to help us see whether a replacement unit would be the only effective solution - or if DPF cleaning is advisable.

Exactly Where We Work

We can provide our DPF cleaning professional services at the Hurst Green place of your choosing. All our engineers need is a good flat & levelled place like a driveway, roadside, or even a carpark.

Just make sure you don’t get them to operate on a steep incline, simply because this will be quite unsafe. Coaching our experienced engineers requires a considerable amount of time and money, therefore we would prefer to not harm them. Kidding aside, safety as well as customer satisfaction is actually a foundation of our own company ethos.

Exactly How Much Does it Cost

When it comes to costs, we understand that it is vital to be very clear with all of our clients. We would like to enable you to understand the value of our company's service. But we can not provide a set price tag, since the cost may vary depending on the car's condition. One important thing which is for certain is, that our cleaning process is far less than the cost to replace the DPF. As an example, a new DPF may cost between £1000 & £4000, whereas cleaning up one on the standard automobile in reasonable condition will probably be about £250 to £400 + VAT.

For larger commercials, the charge could be higher, normally between £550 and £700 + VAT.

Special Costs

We are able to give specials to several regional East Sussex customers, including shipping businesses, taxi firms, other sorts of businesses, and also Blue Light Card Holders. Our company is pleased to assist with select special discounts and preferential prices, and want you to have a motor vehicle which operates efficiently.

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Various problems with your current diesel powered vehicle can be a consequence of a obstructed or unclean DPF. In the event you aren’t certain, or perhaps your dashboard warning light has come on, give us a call.

Our group of qualified technicians are prepared to take care of all types of queries you could have for us. We know it can be difficult when your automobile has got issues so we want to help you efficiently & quickly.

We will only send out our company's Hurst Green engineer to you personally when we are convinced we are able to fix it.

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