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DPF Cleaner Kiln Green

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You've reached DPF Fixer, Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning service in Kiln Green. Our company is here to provide a competent & moderately priced service for you.

Any kind of motor vehicle that runs on diesel, we know, requires specialized & regular attention so as to keep the diesel engine in its top condition. When it comes to getting your DPF cleaned up & operating effectively, we are the people to call up. Our qualified technicians specialise in cleansing DPFs to get your diesel-powered van, car, or truck (less than 7.5 tonnes) back on the road.

DPF cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your diesel automobile's efficiency, & our staff is right here to assist you guarantee your automobile is operating smoothly. We provide many different professional services, which include DPF cleaning, DPF diagnostics, as well as aftercare help and support.

Our group of technical engineers is well trained to provide comprehensive & professional cleaning services, ensuring the car or truck's DPF is actually restored to the initial condition.

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About Our Firm

Right here at DPF-Cleaner Kiln Green, we have numerous years of experience in cleaning DPF’s, and provide a local and dependable service.

Our group of technical engineers are fully certified. And supplying the very best level of service is precisely what drives them.

Our technicians make use of top of the range tools and employ strong cleaning agents to assist eradicate obstructions. In the event that you are apprehensive because of your vehicle's DPF, then don't wait to contact us!

Isabelle H 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Just had my DPF cleaned by you. I can’t believe it worked!! I am over the moon in getting my Jag back on the road! Just to hear it red lining again was a great feeling!

Codie Z 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Great service from start to finish. Very professional. Engineer that came out was with us when we were told he’d be there, good communication and very professional.

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Our Services

Our expert services here at DPF Cleaner Kiln Green supply you with a tailor made solution to meet your requirements. We're an expert DPF cleaning service provider in Berkshire and that we work tirelessly to provide high-quality services every time, to each client. Our expert services include:

  • - Diesel particulate filter (DPF) diagnostics
  • - DPF diagnostic
  • - DPF regeneration

Our expert services are budget friendly & cost-effective compared to DPF replacement costs. We attempt to keep our costs low to ensure that you receive the best bang for your buck.

The Procedure

Our initial task when arriving at your automobile in Kiln Green would be to carry out a diagnostic test to make certain we're able to clean up the DPF system and that there are not any flaws stopping this.

When we locate any problems, we will advise you on the ideal course of action to take.

When there are no big concerns, we will then inject our own special soap based cleaning agent directly into the filter and leave it to soak for in between forty-five minutes and an hour and a half. This would break up the blockage within your DPF system as well as make it more convenient for us to do a heat-based clean up. During the heat-based cleaning, we will cleanse all the solution and soot from the filter, leaving it neat and very clear.

Ultimately, we are going to totally reset any kind of DPF-related warning lights on your motor vehicle, so you can drive with full confidence.


DPF cleaning is not a well-known process, so lots of people often have questions on it. Here is a selection of the generally asked ones:

It truly does depend on the actual vehicle type and where it's located. That said, it's much less when compared to the cost to replace your DPF & we can provide an estimate before our scheduled visit.

Typically within 2 to 4 days or sooner.

Not really, it may be as fast as 1 hour 30 minutes & worst case, when your DPF is really dirty, up to three hours at most.

The benefits will undoubtedly be noticed if you take care of the vehicle and take it out for long drives as suggested. The engineer that attends the clean will suggest you on preventive steps.

The DPF is actually impacted by how the automobile is operated so we cannot really provide a warrantee unfortunately. Exactly what we actually do, is give a 14-dayafter-care deal, to make certain that if anything does go wrong with the DPF right after we have got cleaned it, we will take good care of it for you.

Our DPF technicians cover almost all parts within the UK. Utilize your postal code location to determine.

We do a two part process. Firstly we introduce the high-strength detergent, that will break down the dirt inside your DPF system over an hour or two. Next we make use of a heat based procedure to regenerate & completely cleanse it.

Provided it getting obstructed was the foundation of your issue, absolutely yes. If it wasn’t, and there are actually other concerns, we are able to help & counsel you about how you should proceed.

At times a mechanic will attempt to burn it off utilising forced regeneration but this does not always do the job to remove the blockades when they are too severe.

Our extremely high strength soap breaks down the dirt before the last clean, ensuring all of the blockage is removed every time.

Yes, all alert lights associated with the blockage will be totally reset and removed. For alert light associated with other issues, we can offer advisories on them.

Yes the cleaning process may still be carried out.

Long drives in a car mean that the DPF continuously cleanse itself so this will probably be ideal. But if you largely undertake brief runs it could become blocked yet again.

Our technicians will usually conduct a diagnostics test to begin with to ensure the cleaning process can be carried out. Should there be any kind of good reasons we cannot carry out the clean we'd rearrange for some other day after the additional defects or issues are actually fixed.

For two weeks following the cleaning process our company offers an aftercare service. If any lights return on during this time we're going to visit again & do another cleaning of the car or truck for you personally.

After we have started the cleansing procedure you actually don’t have to be right there however we do you require you to attend at the start & end. This really is so the diagnostics test can be performed, paperwork, payments and needless to say to gain access to your car or truck to start.

The booking fee is to cover the engineer’s time whilst doing the diagnostics test as well as cover the travelling time required to show up to the specified location.

Certainly no, a damaged DPF system needs to be replaced, but if it's only obstructed with debris, we are able to cleanse it for you personally.

To help you become aware that the filter has become blocked.

When your automobile can’t start or perhaps run effectively it indicates there are other issues occurring and this usually means they must be resolved well before we can conduct a clean.

It really depends on what the additional defects are. If they're linked to the DPF issue, then almost certainly yes. Our technician can assist & talk you about things during their direct visit.

Where Can We Work

We can give our DPF cleansing expert services at the Kiln Green location of your preference. All of our technicians need is a good flat and levelled area like a driveway, roadside, or perhaps a car parking zone.

Servicing an automobile that is on the slope or sharp incline is best avoided due to the safety of the engineers.

Service Charges

When it comes to rates, we understand that it is important to be transparent with all of our clients. We want to help you understand the cost of our company's services. But we can not give a set price tag, because the cost can differ dependant upon the automobile's condition. Cleaning a DPF is actually cheaper than changing the entire system. Replacements can cost in between £1000 to £4000, once again depending on the automobile and its overall condition. To completely clean the DPF costs in between £250 to £400 in addition to VAT.

For larger commercials, the charge could be bigger, generally in between £550 and £700 plus VAT.

Preferential Rates & Special Discounts

We are proud to be able to provide our expert services to a number of local Berkshire clients, which includes industry motor vehicles, taxi & transport vehicle operators, as well as Blue Light Card holders, with preferential rates and deals. We are very happy to assist with select discounts & preferential prices, and wish you to have a car or truck that operates well.


One of the significant benefits of utilizing a mobile DPF cleaning service is actually the aftercare that is offered.

Our aftercare staff will get in touch with every single client in 2 working days, to make sure all is well.

Detecting the Issue

When you call us to reserve a cleaning session, we're going to ask you a few questions to check if your current DPF could be cleaned out.

Here are some examples of inquiries you may be asked:

  • Is the vehicle generally used for brief trips?
  • Have you ever detected a decrease in your MPG?
  • Does the motor vehicle's start/stop function right now function?
  • Does your automobile have got any overall performance restrictions?
  • Has a garage asked you to consult us, or perhaps have you just observed the light on the dashboard?

We would choose not to visit if you have some other defects on the car or truck.

As an example, if the car has got certain AdBlue system defects or perhaps a temperature sensor flaw, the cleaning could not be carried out. If the vehicle is actually a non-starter, we also cannot do the cleansing services.

Occasionally we've got visited but happen to be unable to reset warning lights. This is often due to other error codes on the motor vehicle. In this instance, we're going to advise you about the subsequent steps you need to take in order to correct the problem.

We can nevertheless assist you change a flawed pressure sensing unit in case your car requires it, at an extra charge. Another thing we could give assistance with is actually cleansing EGR valves in certain types of cars, when they of course are just dusty rather than defective.

With regards to the fuel vaporizers, this has regrettably, to be a garage-based repair.

After we have cleansed your current DPF system, our aftercare crew will certainly call you in 48 hrs (apart from weekends) to receive feedback right from you. We'll inquire with regards to the service you have obtained and the way your automobile has been working since. Of course in the event you come across any problems with your DPF within 14 days of our visit, we’ll return and set things best for you.

If you're unsure if your DPF can be cleaned or if it needs to be changed, don't get worried. It is impossible to figure out undoubtedly without a diagnostics. Our booking team will inquire for as much information as possible to enable us decide if a replacement unit would be the one and only efficient remedy - or if DPF cleaning makes sense.

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If you have been going through problems with your current diesel engine vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our group of experienced engineers are prepared to take care of all sorts of questions you may have for us. We understand it could be difficult when your automobile has got faults therefore we want to assist you quickly & efficiently.

We will only send out the Kiln Green technician if we believe a clean is necessary.

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