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DPF Cleaner Little Heath

Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in Little Heath

DPF Cleaner Little Heath is actually a top service provider of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning services throughout Little Heath. We constantly provide our clients along with a high quality, yet cost-efficient solution.

Any type of car or truck that runs on diesel, we know, needs specialized & regular attention in order to keep the diesel engine in the perfect condition. With regards to having your DPF cleaned up & functioning effectively, we're the people to contact. Our qualified employees specialise in cleansing DPFs to really get your diesel-powered van, car, or truck (under 7.5 tonnes) back on the streets.

DPF fixer will help you in a few ways: DPF diagnostic, DPF cleaning and naturally aftercare support. To make sure your diesel-powered car or truck is constantly running at its very best, cleansing the DPF is an important task and really should be carried out comprehensively.

Your automobile's DPF is going to be returned to the original condition, and excellent working order because of our team of knowledgeable & expert technicians.

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Who is DPF Cleaner Little Heath

DPF-Cleaner Little Heath is actually a local & reliable service provider with years of expertise in cleaning DPFs.

Our company is a team of licensed technicians who have pride in delivering excellent service to our clients. We've well-trained our employees to be able to handle all kinds of automobiles not merely cars. We can assist you with vans, cars and trucks.

Our technicians use top of the line techniques and employ powerful cleaners to help eliminate blockages. Please call us when you have any kind of worries because of your motor vehicle’s DPF.

Isla K 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Prompt and efficient service by people who know what they're about. They came out to my location in under an hour of booking in a service and was able to diagnose and fix my problem. Would definitely recommend them all day.

Corrie G 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

The person who came out to resolve my blocked DPF was great. Came on time, did the diagnostics and was able to resolve the issue. Car runs great now. Would definitely use them again.

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Our Services

In order to ensure your diesel powered vehicle is working at its best, DPF Cleaner Little Heath offers the very highest level of service. Every single Berkshire customer will get a custom services, based on their particular vehicle as well as it’s DPF condition. Our professional services comprise:

  • - DPF maintenance
  • - DPF diagnostic
  • - DPF re-generation

Our solutions are reasonably-priced and cost-effective compared to DPF replacement charges. We attempt to keep the costs low to ensure that you receive the best value for your money.

Our Process

At your DPF cleaning appointment, our Local Little Heath technician will initially conduct a diagnostic test on your car or truck. We first need to know there are not any kind of underlying issues that could prevent us right from cleansing your DPF.

If any issues are found, we will be capable to help you determine the subsequent actions to take on.

Assuming there are not any big concerns, we are going to then add our own professional soap-based cleaning agent into the filtration system and then leave it to soak for in between 45 minutes and 1 ½ hours. Soaking will make sure that the dirt inducing the obstruction will get loosened, enabling us to carry on with the heat based clean. While in the heat-based cleaning, we'll flush out all the solution & debris from the filter, making it clean and very clear.

Lastly, we will totally reset any DPF-related alert lights on your vehicle, so you're able to drive with confidence.

How Much Does it Cost

Every vehicle’s cleaning cost is different due to the initial issue, and condition of our automobile itself, and therefore we cannot give you a set price without evaluating the automobile. However we would like to give an idea of exactly what the rates could be. One important thing that is for sure is actually, that the cleaning method is significantly less than the price to replace the DPF. For instance, a brand new DPF may cost between £1000 & £4000, whereas cleaning one on the common vehicle in reasonable condition will probably be around £250 to £400 + VAT.

Larger industrial vehicle will cost a little bit more.

Preferential Prices & Special Discounts

We are proud to be able to provide our professional services to a number of local Berkshire clients, including industry automobiles, cab and delivery drivers, and Blue Light Card holders, with preferential rates and discounts. We understand the value of maintaining your motor vehicle running efficiently, and we're right here to assist you make that happen.

Support Services

We pride ourselves on the fact that not just do we perform an efficient cleansing services for your DPF, however that we also include an awesome aftercare.

All of these expert services typically have an aftercare team that calls all of the clients in 48 hours of the visit (not including weekends) to confirm just how the services was as well as precisely how the vehicle has been doing.

In case there are any kind of issues or concerns which cannot be dealt with over the phone, our after-care team can schedule another visit in Little Heath, so that you can rest assured that your DPF cleansing process is going to be carried out to your 100 % satisfaction.

Answers to Popular Queries

We understand that you may have a few questions about our professional services. Listed below are some of the commonly asked questions and their answers:

It varies from place to place & vehicle to vehicle. We need to obtain all the required motor vehicle and area details needed to provide a quotation.

Typically in 2 to 4 days if not sooner.

Not actually, it could be as quick as 1 hour 30 minutes & worst case scenario, if the DPF is absolutely dirty, around 3 hours at most.

The enemy of the automobiles DPF is you only undertaking frequent, brief journeys. Providing you perform the advised extended journeys every so often, all is going to be well. Our technician will usually talk through things to attend to, to assist with the proper care of your current DPF within their visit.

Exactly Where We Work

We are able to offer our DPF cleaning expert services at a Little Heath place of your choice. All our technicians require is a decent flat and level place like a roadside, driveway, or perhaps a carpark.

Just please don’t get them to work on a steep downward slope, as this will be unsafe. Training our proficient technicians requires a considerable amount of time and money, therefore we would prefer to not damage them. Kidding aside, safety as well as customer satisfaction is a building block of our own company ethos.

Figuring Out the Problem

Any time you give us a call to reserve a cleaning appointment, we will ask you a couple of questions to know if your current DPF system could be cleaned.

Here are a few types of queries you may be asked:

  • Is the car or truck generally used for short travels?
  • Have you detected a drop in the MPG?
  • Is the start/stop function on your car or truck still functioning properly?
  • Any kind of overall performance restrictions with the car?
  • Are you warned by the vehicle instrument cluster light or perhaps have you took it to a mechanic to be diagnosed?

In case your vehicle has actually been identified as having some other flaw in addition to a DPF defect, we might decide to not visit.

If for instance there are more defects on the vehicle, for instance a defective heat sensor, or perhaps a problem with the AdBlue system. Also if the engine is not running, we regrettably won’t be able to perform a DPF clean.

Occasionally we've got visited but happen to be not able to reset warning lights. It might be due to other flaws on the system such as DPF pressure sensors, EGR faults, or perhaps fuel vaporizers. In this case, we are going to give you advice about the very next steps you need to take to resolve the problem.

We will nevertheless assist you to change a defective pressure sensing unit should your vehicle requires it, for an additional cost. We are able to additionally thoroughly clean EGR valves for customers on particular motor vehicles, as long as they are dirty but not exhibiting any permanent flaws.

Fuel vaporizers are just replaceable inside a garage therefore this will always be recommended.

When the job is completed, we don’t just forget about you actually. After a few business days, our after care support team will give a call, to make sure you were content with our services and also that the automobile is operating as it really should. We could schedule a revisit to you personally within just 2 weeks you actually experience any problems.

At times customers might be uncertain if the DPF is able to be cleaned or if it requires replacement. It's difficult to know right up until a complete diagnostic has actually been performed. If you have got questions, do not get worried, just call our warm and friendly staff, and they'll make an appointment with you to ultimately reach the bottom of your main worries, & arrange a visit if best suited.


If you were encountering problems with your current diesel automobile, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our skilled team can advise & point you on the best direction. We know that it could be challenging to determine whether your current DPF requires cleaning if you just have an EM light on. This is exactly why our scheduling team will ask you a selection of questions in order to enable us figure out the likelihood of a clean being needed.

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