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DPF Cleaner Mayfield

Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in Mayfield

DPF Cleaner Mayfield is really a main service provider of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning service in Mayfield. We always give our clients along with a competent, yet cost-effecting services.

If you own a diesel-powered motor vehicle, you will need to have it appropriately maintained to ensure its dependability. That's where we excel. Our qualified technicians specialise in cleansing DPFs to get your diesel-powered car, van, or perhaps truck (less than 7.5 tonnes) back on the streets.

Many individuals don’t value exactly how crucial it really is to get their DPF cleaned as part of their standard maintenance of their own diesel-powered automobile. Not doing this will certainly affect the vehicles performance. Our service aren’t restricted to DPF cleaning. In addition, we provide DPF diagnostics & aftercare help and support.

Our team of engineers is educated to give complete & high quality cleaning services, making certain your vehicle's DPF is actually brought back to the original condition.

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Exactly Who We Are

Right here at DPF-Cleaner Mayfield, we've got many years of experience with cleansing DPF’s, and give a local and reliable service.

Our group of technical engineers are fully certified. And offering the very optimum level of service is precisely what motivates them. Our qualified employees are taught to handle all types of automobiles, such as cars, vans, & trucks.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and strong detergents to dissolve blocks within DPFs. Be sure to speak to us if you have any concerns because of your car’s DPF.

Ethan Y 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

DPF Fixer Saved me lots of money on labour and parts, and had the car up and running in no time. Their engineer did a great job, no hassle, was punctual and offered advice and said if any issues to get in touch.

Mia R 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Friendly, polite and very knowledgeable. Knew exactly what he was doing and the best way to do it. My car now runs great. If I need it done again I will definitely use these guys!!

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Our Services

Here at DPF Cleaner, we provide professional DPF cleansing services to ensure your automobile's optimal performance. Our professional services are customized to fulfill your unique needs, and that we endeavor to provide high quality services every time, any place in East Sussex. A few of the services provided by DPF Fixer are:

  • - Diesel particulate filter cleaning
  • - DPF diagnosis
  • - DPF re-generation

We provide you with a service that's value for money plus more less expensive when compared with replacing components of your DPF system.

The Process

Once you book a cleaning visit with us, the very first thing our own local Mayfield technician will do is carry out a diagnostic test on the automobile to determine if any kind of errors will prevent us from cleaning the DPF system.

If we find any issues, we will give you advice about the right option to adopt.

On discovering no flaws we will begin the procedure. First of all we clean up the filter using our specialized soap based formula. To break up pretty much all undesirable blocks, we are going to allow it to soak for around forty-five minutes to 1 ½ hrs. Soaking will make certain that the debris inducing the obstruction will be loosened, enabling us to progress with the heat-based clean. While executing heat cleaning, we will clean out the system of all solution and debris right from the filter so it's eventually left crystal-clear and clean.

Last of all, we're going to totally reset those annoying dashboard warning lights, allowing you to drive away happy knowing that your automobile will be operating properly.


Our cost varies based upon your vehicle, its specific location, and its overall condition. The latter makes it quite challenging for all of us to provide a fixed price tag, but we at all times strive to be competitively priced and also to assist our clients comprehend our charges. We can say that our prices are very competitive compared to the price of replacing the DPF. Replacements may range between £1000 to £3000, yet again dependant upon the automobile as well as its condition. To clean the DPF costs between £250 to £400 in addition to VAT.

For bigger commercials, the charge can be bigger, usually in between £550 & £700 + VAT.

Preferential Rates and Discounts

DPF care is an integral part of maintaining commercial automobile fleets & taxi’s etc. working efficiently. We understand the significance of keeping the automobile working efficiently, and we're here to assist you achieve that.

After the Job

One of the substantial advantages of employing a mobile DPF cleaning service is actually the aftercare that is offered.

All these expert services typically have an aftercare team that contacts all customers within 48 hours of the visit (apart from Saturdays and Sundays) to check just how the service was and also how your car has been doing.

In the event of virtually any problems, the aftercare staff could schedule for a re-visit within Mayfield to correct the problem.


To help you understand more about our company's professional services we've addressed a few typical questions that regularly arise.

It varies from vehicle to vehicle as well as location to location. We will need to gather all the required motor vehicle and area particulars needed to provide an estimate.

Generally within just 2-4 days or sooner.

It does take anywhere from 1:45-2:30 hours. 3hrs at most when it's very blocked.

The benefits will be witnessed if you pay attention to your vehicle and take it out for very long drives as recommended. The technician that attends to the clean will tell you on preventative steps.

Offering a guarantee is not possible, because the manner in which you drive will directly impact the DPF cleanliness, and we posses zero control over that. But we do provide a fourteen day aftercare support in the event that anything DPF- connected issues happen.

We cover up most regions of the United Kingdom. The simplest way to figure out if we actually do is to take a postcode of where you are looking to have the work done.

We do a two part process. Firstly we add the high strength detergent, that will break up the debris inside your DPF system over a couple of hours. Next we use a heat-based process to regenerate & totally clean it.

Provided it getting blocked was the root of your issue, yes. For any other underlying problems, we can easily recommend what else needs to be fixed.

Yes, we can, limp mode does not stop the technical engineers from performing the work.

This will depend on how the vehicle is driven, if you are doing long-distance drives frequently then it will continue to keep clean itself. If you're carrying out neighborhood runs and short distances then it could potentially cause your vehicle to block up yet again.

Our engineers will invariably conduct a diagnostics test to start with to make sure the clean can be performed. Should there be any kind of factors we can’t do the cleaning process we would rearrange for another day after the other defects or issues have been resolved.

We provide 14-day aftercare. If any DPF related alert light and or codes appear we then will arrange to revisit to re-evaluate and re-clean the automobile if it is needed.

The booking fee includes your initial expenses involved in our own engineers travelling, and doing the diagnostic test.

We will be capable to cleanse your DPF system if the car or truck is actually operating okay. However, if it isn’t as well as the DPF is bodily damaged you really need to change the DPF.

To help you become aware that the filter has really become obstructed.

Hidden issues may prevent us right from executing the clean. If your motor vehicle can't start up & operate, we would not be in a position to carry out a clean.

Depending on exactly what the problems are actually, they could be in a position to be totally reset. DPF blockage-related issues are generally removed. It is wise to talk to the technician because they will have the very best technical advice.

Where We Operate

We work on roadsides, driveways, automobile parks, and any other locations having a flat working surface - therefore, just about any place in Mayfield.

Servicing a car that is on a downward slope or perhaps sharp incline is best avoided because of the safety of the technicians.

Understanding the Problem

When you phone us to reserve a cleaning appointment, we're going to ask you a few questions to know whether your current DPF could be cleaned.

Below are some types of questions you might be asked:

  • Are the journeys commonly just brief ones?
  • Has your fuel efficiency end up being a whole lot worse?
  • If your car or truck includes a start/stop function, is it working correctly?
  • Is the car or truck not really working as good as it used to?
  • Have you been notified by the car or truck dashboard light or have you took it to a mechanic to be diagnosed?

If the vehicle has actually been identified as having yet another flaw along with a DPF fault, we may choose not to visit.

If for example there are more faults on the vehicle, like a defective heat sensor, or even a issue with the AdBlue system. Also if the vehicle engine is not running, we regrettably won’t be capable to carry out a DPF cleaning.

At times we've got visited but were unable to reset warning lights. This is often as a result of other error codes on your automobile.

We could nevertheless assist you to change any flawed pressure sensor if the vehicle needs it, for an extra charge. Constantly aiming to provide a comprehensive service, on some vehicles we may well clean up the EGR valve, provided the only real issue is dirt accumulation.

Fuel vaporizers are only exchangeable in a garage so this will definitely be advised.

As soon as the work is done, we do not just forget about you actually. After a few business days, our after care support staff will give you a telephone call, to ensure that you were content with our services and also that your vehicle is operating as it should. We can arrange a re-visit to you within just fourteen days you experience any faults.

In case you are unsure if your DPF can be cleaned or perhaps if it should be changed, don't worry. It is impossible to find out undoubtedly without a diagnostics. While in the initial telephone conversation, our scheduling staff will attempt to obtain just as much information as they possibly can. This is certainly to determine whether our company can offer services for you personally or maybe actually a replacement unit would be the solution.


We are here at the receiving end the phone to assist you with the Diesel vehicle, regardless of your enquiry. So make sure you contact us.

Our specialist team can guide & point you in the right direction. We understand that it can be challenging to know if your current DPF needs cleaning when you only have an EM light on. That's why our booking team will inquire you a number of queries in order to help us figure out the prospect of a clean being necessary.

If they don’t think it is, they'll never send an engineer, they're going to advise you on the best subsequent steps to take.

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