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DPF Cleaner Pevensey Bay

Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in Pevensey Bay

DPF Cleaner Pevensey Bay is actually a primary service provider of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning services in Pevensey Bay. We always give our customers with a high quality, yet cost-effecting services.

We understand that owning a diesel powered motor vehicle is definitely an investment which requires proper servicing to have it in excellent condition. When it comes to having your DPF cleaned up and operating correctly, we're the folks to call up. Our group of expert employees have the know-how to look after DPF’s on the total array of vehicles, including vans, cars & trucks under 7.5 tonnes.

Many people don’t appreciate just how crucial it is to get their DPF cleaned up as part of the standard maintenance of their diesel automobile. Not doing this may impact the vehicles efficiency. Our service aren’t exclusively DPF cleaning. In addition, we provide DPF diagnostics and aftercare help & support.

Our team of engineers is educated to offer comprehensive & high quality cleaning services, ensuring your car or truck's DPF is brought back to its initial condition.

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Exactly Who We Are

At DPF-Cleaner Pevensey Bay, we've numerous years of experience with cleansing DPF’s, and offer a local and dependable service.

We have an excellently trained and certified team, all set to offer the finest service to all of our clients.

Our employees utilise high-end equipment and apply powerful cleansers to assist remove obstructions. Be sure to call us when you've got any concerns because of your vehicle’s DPF.

Jack Y 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Fantastic service. Done the job at my house, was quick ,precise and the engineer was a nice guy. Would highly recommend. My van is now running like it was new!

Jordan D 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

The technician was friendly informitive and professional, excellent job done, my car is 100% better, very happy man, cant go wrong with this service

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Our Services

To make sure your diesel powered vehicle is working at its best, DPF Cleaner Pevensey Bay offers the very best level of service. Each East Sussex customer will receive a customized service, based on their particular vehicle as well as it’s DPF condition. The following are some of the professional services we offer:

  • - Diesel particulate filter cleansing
  • - DPF diagnosis
  • - DPF regeneration

We provide you with a service that is certainly value for money plus much more cost effective compared to replacing parts of the DPF system.

How We Get The Job Done

When you book a cleaning appointment with us, the very first thing our own local Pevensey Bay engineer will do is conduct a diagnostic test on your car or truck to determine whether any faults may prevent us from cleansing your DPF.

When any issues are found, we will be capable to help you determine the subsequent steps to take on.

When there are not any big problems, we are going to then inject our specialist soap-based cleaning agent directly into the filter and leave it to soak for in between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. This can enable us to then comfortably make use of the heat cleansing procedure. While in the heat-based cleaning, we will eliminate all the solution & debris from your filter, making it clean and clear.

Ultimately, we will totally reset any kind of DPF-related warning lights on your vehicle, so that you can drive with full confidence.

Answers to Popular Questions

To assist you understand more about our professional services we've addressed some common questions that often come up.

It differs from vehicle to vehicle and also location to location. We need to obtain all the motor vehicle & area particulars required to present a quote.

We try to be with you actually within 2-4 days if not far sooner.

Not really, it could be as fast as 90 minutes and worst case scenario, when your DPF is very dirty, close to 3 hours at the most.

As long as you are looking after the automobile & proceeding on lengthy drives like suggested your vehicle will take care of itself, there are preventive steps you can take also that the engineer will explain it to you through.

The DPF is actually affected by exactly how the automobile is driven hence we cannot really give you a guarantee regrettably. But we actually do offer a fourteen day after-care service just in case anything DPF related problems occur.

Our DPF technical engineers cover up almost all areas in the UK. Use your postal code location in order to determine.

We perform a two part process. First we introduce the high strength cleaning agent, which will break-down the debris in your DPF over an hour or two. Next we utilize a heat-based procedure to regenerate & totally cleanse it.

When it is a DPF issue then yes we can assist you to correct it. For other things that might require fixing we could give you advice.

The end result is that cleaning DPF’s is a specialised process. Garages are good to a point, but generally make an effort to force the clean, by burning up the dirt away accompanied by resetting the alert light. It might eliminate extreme blocks for a short moment, but it is not a long term solution.

We focus on DPF cleaning so can assist clear the blocks extensively. We ensure that all blocks are actually removed so that regeneration can happen.

Definitely. After the cleaning process we will reset the alert light. Also if there are additional alert lights displaying, we are able to provide advice & help concerning them as well.

Limp mode is made to safeguard the vehicles engine, but it does not have any impact upon the technicians carrying out the cleansing task.

DPF’s are in fact self-cleaning. The issues occur when you are just doing brief travels. If this is the situation, the DPF may require cleaning once again, so it is always well worth doing a lengthier journey every once in awhile.

When we run diagnostics before the job is undertaken, if something was likely to have an effect on our own job then we wouldn’t carry out the cleaning services. Rather, we'd rearrange for some other day. We haven't run into a scenario where we're not able to perform the cleaning process as we perform our check before.

Our 14-day aftercare support service signifies that when any problems occur right after the DPF cleaning within that interval, we will revisit and set it correct, even if this means a re-clean.

We need someone to be there on arrival and completion for accessibility to the automobile, running diagnostics, road tests, documents and payment. While we perform the clean you do not have to be present right there.

The booking fees covers your initial costs involved with our engineers travelling, and carrying out the diagnostics.

Certainly no, a broken DPF system must be changed, but if it is just blocked with dust, we could clean it for you personally.

To help you become aware that the filter has become blocked.

Should your motor vehicle can’t start or operate effectively this means there are more faults taking place and this usually means they will need to be fixed well before we could conduct a clean.

We could take care of the DPF issues and the blockages in connection with this. The dashboard alert light will be then totally reset for this. Any other thing is best to ask the engineer who executes the cleaning process.


We pride ourselves on the fact that not only do we carry out a good cleansing service for your DPF, but that additionally we include an awesome aftercare.

Our aftercare workforce could get in touch with each and every customer in two working days, to ensure all is well.

Understanding the Problem

Our first step whenever you contact us is to ask a couple of questions to determine if your current DPF could be cleaned out or not.

A range of the queries you may be inquired are:

  • Are the journeys commonly just short ones?
  • Have you detected a decrease in your MPG?
  • Should your car features a start/stop function, does it look operating effectively?
  • Is your vehicle not really working as well as it used to?
  • Has any garage asked you to contact us, or have you just observed the warning light on the dashboard?

If your vehicle has actually been identified as having another flaw in addition to a DPF defect, we might decide to not visit.

As an example, if your car has certain AdBlue system defects or perhaps a temperature sensor flaw, the clean cannot be conducted. If your car or truck is a non-starter, we are not able to carry out the cleansing service.

It is occasionally possible for us to visit your car but be unable to reset the warning lights. It might be due to various other faults on the system including EGR faults, DPF pressure sensors, or perhaps fuel vaporizers. When this does occur, we will certainly be able to assist you with what direction to go very next, in order to solve the problem out.

In the event the problem is the vehicles pressure sensing unit, for an additional charge, we can easily sort this out for you by replacing it at the time of our visit. Always aiming to give a total services, on certain automobiles we can cleanse the EGR valve, provided the only just problem is dirt accumulation.

With regards to the fuel vaporizers, this has unfortunately, to certainly be a garage-based repair service.

When the work is completed, we don’t just ignore you. After two or three business days, our after care staff will give you a call, to ensure that you were happy with our services and that the car is working as it should. In case you encounter any problems within two weeks of our company's visit, our aftercare staff can schedule for a re-visit.

It's impossible to figure out whether your current DPF needs to be cleaned out without running a diagnostics onto it. During the initial telephone interaction, our scheduling team will attempt to get just as much details as possible. This is certainly to determine if our company can provide a service for you or if in fact a replacement unit could be the solution.

Where We Work

We operate on driveways, roadsides, automobile parks, and any other locations with a flat working surface -- therefore, more or less any place in Pevensey Bay.

Servicing an automobile that is on the downward slope or sharp incline is best avoided mainly because of the basic safety of our engineers.


Our price varies depending on the automobile, its specific location, and its overall condition. The latter can make it quite difficult for us to give a fixed price tag, but we always aim to be reasonably priced and to help our clients comprehend our pricing structure. One important thing which is for sure is actually, that the cleaning method is much less when compared to the cost to replace the DPF. For instance, a brand new DPF may cost in between £1000 and £4000, whereas cleaning up one on the standard vehicle in acceptable overall condition will be about £250 to £400 + VAT.

Big industrial motor vehicles & trucks may cost higher in range and is generally £550 to £700 + VAT.

Special Costs

We can give discounts to a variety of neighborhood East Sussex customers, like delivery businesses, taxi cab organizations, other sorts of businesses, & Blue Light Card Holders. Our company is happy to help with select deals & preferential prices, and wish you to have a motor vehicle which runs well.


If you've been experiencing issues with your current diesel automobile, do not wait to call us.

Our skilled staff will be able to recommend and point you actually in the proper direction. We understand it may be difficult when your automobile has got faults therefore we want to assist you quickly & efficiently.

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