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DPF Cleaner Shovers Green

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Thank you for visiting DPF Cleaner Shovers Green, your personal go-to source for competent & cost-effective diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning services.

Any kind of vehicle that runs on diesel fuel, we all know, requires expert & routine attention to keep the diesel engine in the best condition. At DPF Cleaner Shovers Green we provide this exact service for your needs. Our group of expert employees possess the know-how to take care of DPF’s over a whole range of vehicles, which includes vans, cars and trucks under 7.5 tonnes.

DPF fixer can assist you in lots of ways: DPF cleaning, DPF diagnostics and indeed aftercare support. To make certain your diesel powered vehicle is always operating at its very best, cleansing the DPF is a crucial step and really should be done extensively.

Our skilled employees are properly trained and equipped to help maintain your motor vehicle's DPF, and offer professional services for you so your car or truck is back again to its normal condition.

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Exactly Who We Are

At DPF-Cleaner Shovers Green, we have several years of experience with cleaning DPF’s, and offer a local & dependable service.

Our team of engineers are fully certified. And offering the very optimum level of service is exactly what drives them. We have well trained all our employees as a way to work with all types of vehicles not just cars. We could assist you with vans, cars & trucks.

Employing our top of the line products as well as super-strength cleaning agents just melts down DPF blocks away. If you are worried because of your vehicle's DPF, then do not hesitate to get in touch!

Regan Y 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Arrived on time (actually, early) got everything sorted quicker than expected, all for less than Land Rover were quoting just to diagnose the issue.

Morgan L 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

This was a great experience from start to finish. With professional staff explaining everything about what to expect. The results are amazing from a nearly blocked DPF to one that feels like brand new.

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Our Services

At DPF Cleaner, we provide high quality DPF cleaning services to ensure your car or truck's normal overall performance. Our professional services are tailored to fulfill your specific needs, and that we strive to provide quality solutions every time, around East Sussex. Our services comprise:

  • - DPF routine maintenance
  • - DPF diagnosis
  • - DPF re-generation

Changing your DPF can be very costly, the service we provide are actually a fraction of the replacement cost. Our top of the range services coupled with affordable pricing, make certain you get the most cost-effective solution feasible.

Our Process

Our initial action whenever arriving at your automobile within Shovers Green would be to carry out a diagnostic test to make sure we're able to clean your DPF and also that there are not any defects stopping this.

If you find any specific issues, we're going to tell you about the very best procedure to take.

Providing all aspects are well on your motor vehicle, we will proceed with introducing our high-strength specialized cleaning agent into your DPF. It'll then be left to soak for between 45 and 90 minutes to enable the detergent to carry out its function. This can let us to then very easily employ the heat cleansing method. While undertaking the heat cleaning, we would certainly flush out the system of all of the solution & debris from the filter so it is left clear & clean.

To end this procedure, we totally reset any kind of cautionary lights on the vehicle so you can gladly go on with your journey.

Our Charges

Our costs vary based upon the vehicle, its location, along with its overall condition. The latter makes it quite difficult for us to provide a fixed price tag, but we constantly strive to be reasonably priced and to help our clients understand our costs. One thing which is for certain is actually, that the cleansing procedure is far less compared to price to change the DPF. Replacements can cost between £1000 to £4000, again depending upon the automobile as well as its condition. To completely clean the DPF costs between £250 to £400 in addition to VAT.

Sizeable industrial automobiles & trucks may cost bigger in range and it is commonly £550 to £700 plus VAT.

Deals and Special Prices

DPF care is an integral part of maintaining business vehicle fleets & taxi’s etc. running nicely. We could offer trade prices and also discounts to those customers, along with Blue Light Card holders.


Carrying out a good job of cleansing your current DPF is only the 1st step within the excellent solutions we offer.

As said before previously the aftercare team is going to call you within just 48 hrs following the cleaning (except week-ends) & we will be happy to listen to your actual feedback and ensure you are pleased with the actual services obtained.

Questions & Answers

We understand that you might have several questions about our professional services. The following are some of the common questions and their answers:

It truly does rely on the automobile type and where it's situated. Having said that, it is far less than the cost to change your current DPF & we can supply a quotation before our scheduled visit.

Usually within 2 to 4 days or sooner.

Normally it takes anywhere from 1:45-2:30 hours. 3hrs at the most if it's quite blocked.

The practical benefits will undoubtedly be witnessed when you take care of the automobile and take it for very long drives like advised. The technician who attends to the clean will tell you about preventative measures.

Where Will We Do the Job

DPF Cleaner Shovers Green can easily cleanse your car or truck practically any place in Shovers Green: in drive-ways, car parking facilities & street sides but as long as the car or truck is on a flat surface.

However, we generally avoid conducting a cleansing service upon an slope or perhaps steep driveway because this can be dangerous for our technician fixing your automobile.

Figuring Out the Issue

Any time you give us a call to schedule a cleaning appointment, we are going to ask you a few questions to check whether your DPF system can be cleaned out.

A range of the questions you may be inquired are:

  • Are your travels generally just brief ones?
  • Has your fuel efficiency become a whole lot worse?
  • Does your vehicle’s start/stop operation right now work?
  • Any type of overall performance restrictions with the car or truck?
  • Are you alerted by the car dashboard light or have you taken it to a mechanic to be diagnosed?

If the motor vehicle has actually been identified as having yet another fault in addition to a DPF fault, we might choose not to visit.

In case for instance there are many flaws on the vehicle, such as a defective heat sensor, or even a problem with the AdBlue system. Also if your engine isn't working, we unfortunately won’t be able to carry out a DPF clean.

Sometimes we have visited however were unable to totally reset alert lights. This can be due to other error codes on the motor vehicle.

We could nevertheless assist you replace a defective pressure sensor should your motor vehicle needs it, at an extra charge. A few flaws that are typical are usually EGR faults, DPF pressure sensors and fuel vaporizers which are a frequent fault on Ford automobiles. Always trying to supply a full service, on certain vehicles we can actually cleanse the EGR valve, providing the only real issue is debris build-up.

Fuel vaporizers are only exchangeable in a garage, therefore this will definitely be an advisory.

Once the work is completed, we do not just ignore you. After a few business days, our aftercare support team will give a call, to make sure you were happy with our services and that the vehicle is running as it really should. We could arrange a re-visit to you personally in fourteen days you actually come across any faults.

If you're unsure if your DPF can be cleansed or if it should be changed, don't get worried. This is extremely hard to figure out undoubtedly without a diagnostic. So if you have any concerns, don’t get worried, just contact our friendly people, and they'll make an appointment with you to ultimately get to the bottom of your main questions, and plan a visit when most appropriate.

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Different issues with your diesel car or truck can be a result of a obstructed or unclean DPF. In case you aren’t certain, or perhaps your dash alert light has turn on, contact us.

Our scheduling team asks you queries about your problem as well as automobile to find out whether it is a clean you have to they will suggest yet another remedy. We know it may be tricky when your vehicle has problems so we want to assist you efficiently & quickly.

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