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DPF Cleaner Sonning

Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in Sonning

You've reached DPF Fixer, Diesel Particulate Filter cleansing services throughout Sonning. We are right here to deliver an effective & reasonably charged service for you personally.

When you possess a diesel powered automobile, you will need to make sure it is effectively maintained to make sure of its dependability. With regards to getting your DPF cleaned up and functioning effectively, we're the folks to call up. Our expert technicians specialise in cleansing DPFs to get your diesel-powered car, van, or perhaps truck (less than 7.5 tonnes) back on the streets.

DPF cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your diesel engine vehicle's efficiency, & our staff is here to help you make sure your motor vehicle is running efficiently. Our company offers several services, including DPF cleaning, DPF diagnostics, as well as aftercare support.

Our group of technical engineers is well trained to offer thorough and expert cleaning services, making sure your automobile's DPF is actually brought back to its original condition.

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Who is DPF Cleaner Sonning

DPF Cleanerer Sonning is a professional local organisation with lots of years in the business, cleaning DPF’s. We're a trusted as well as professional service provider.

We're a team of licensed technicians who have pride in offering top quality services to our customers.

Using our state-of-the-art tools & ultra-strength cleaning agents just melts down DPF blocks away. In case you are worried that your diesel particulate filter (DPF) might not be working properly, call our staff today.

Phoenix X 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

DPF Fixer Saved me lots of money on labour and parts, and had the car up and running in no time. Their engineer did a great job, no hassle, was punctual and offered advice and said if any issues to get in touch.

Daryl V 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Friendly, polite and very knowledgeable. Knew exactly what he was doing and the best way to do it. My car now runs great. If I need it done again I will definitely use these guys!!

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Our Services

Our professional services at DPF Cleaner Sonning provide you with a custom-made solution to meet your needs. Our company is an expert DPF cleaning service provider throughout Berkshire and that we aim to give high-quality service every time, to each and every client. A few of the expert services offered by DPF Fixer are:

  • - Diesel particulate filter (DPF) diagnostics
  • - DPF diagnostic
  • - DPF re-generation

We provide a solution that is value for money and much more cheaper when compared with replacing the different parts of your DPF system.

The Way We Do The Job

Once you schedule a cleaning visit with us, the very first thing our own local Sonning engineer will do is perform a diagnostics test on your vehicle to discover whether any kind of defects will prevent us from cleaning the DPF system.

Perhaps we don’t find any kind of problems or flaws however, if we actually do we are going to tell you on the very best options to take in order to sort this.

When there are no huge concerns, we will then inject our specialist soap based detergent into the filter and keep it to soak for between forty-five minutes and 1 ½ hours. This will help us to then comfortably use our heat cleansing method. The heat based cleansing procedure gets rid of all of the cleansing solution as well as the loosened dirt from the DPF, leaving it extremely clean & like new.

To end this process, we reset any kind of cautionary lights on the vehicle so that you could blissfully proceed with your journey.

Answers to General Questions

DPF cleaning isn’t a well-known procedure, so many individuals often have questions regarding it. Here is a selection of the commonly asked ones:

It truly does depend upon the actual vehicle type & exactly where it is situated. Having said that, it is much less when compared to the price to change your current DPF & we can offer an estimate prior to our visit.

Generally within 2 to 4 days if not sooner.

The cleaning method takes about 1.45-2.30 hours, if it's very clogged then worst case scenario is three hours.

Provided that you are looking after the automobile & going on long drives as suggested the vehicle will take care of itself, there are preventive measures you can take also that the engineer will run you through.

Offering a warranty is just not possible, because the way you actually operate will directly affect the DPF cleanliness, and that we have zero control of that. Exactly what we actually do, is provide a 14-dayafter-care package deal, to make certain that if anything does go awry in the DPF after we have got cleaned out it, we’ll handle it for you.

Our DPF engineers cover almost all areas within the UK. Utilize your postcode location to figure out.

We do a two part process. Firstly we introduce the high strength soap, which will break-down the junk inside your DPF over an hour or two. Next we make use of a heat based procedure to regenerate and fully clean it.

If it's a DPF issue then absolutely yes we can help you make it better. For everything else that may need repairing we can advise you.

Unless they prioritize on cleaning DPF, most garages tend to conduct a forced regeneration to try to burn it off & re-setting of the lights but if the obstruction is just too severe then it's not able to.

Our super high strength detergent breaks down the debris prior to the overall clean, ensuring all of the blockage is eradicated every time.

Of course, all lights in connection with the blockage is going to be reset and taken out. For alert light related to other conditions, we could offer advisories about them.

Indeed, we could, limp mode does not stop the engineers from carrying out the work.

Long drives in a vehicle indicate that the DPF system will go on to cleanse itself which means this is going to be ideal. If however you mostly do short runs it could get blocked again.

Our technicians will usually conduct a diagnostics test to begin with to ensure the clean can be done. In case there are any kind of good reasons we could not perform the clean we would reschedule for another day right after the additional defects or problems have been fixed.

We provide you with 14 day aftercare. If any DPF related lights and / or codes appear then we will certainly schedule to visit again to re-evaluate & reclean the vehicle if it is required.

We'd like someone to exist on planned arrival and finish for access to the vehicle, operating diagnostics, road testing, documents and payment. When we perform the cleaning process you don't need to to generally be present right there.

We take booking fees simply because our own technical engineers must accommodate the required time before and after travelling & this also covers us running preliminary diagnostics.

Certainly no, a broken DPF should be changed, but if it's only clogged with dust, we will cleanse it for you.

The warning light could turn on if you have a DPF blockage.

Main problems might stop us from executing our clean. In the event your vehicle can't start up & operate, we might not be in a position to complete a cleaning process.

Based on what the problems are actually, they may be able to be totally reset. DPF blockage related flaws can be taken off. It is best to consult with our engineer as they may have the right technical advice.


Among the many substantial benefits of using a mobile DPF cleaning services is actually the aftercare which is offered.

Our aftercare staff could get in touch with every single customer within just two business days, to ensure all is well.

Diagnosing the Problem

Any time you phone us to book a cleaning session, we are going to inquire a few questions to discover if your DPF could be cleaned.

A selection of the queries you could be inquired are:

  • Are your travels generally just short ones?
  • Has there already been a notable decline on the MPG of your car or truck?
  • Is the start-stop function on your car still working properly?
  • Does your car or truck possess any overall performance restrictions?
  • Are you currently warned by the vehicle dashboard light or perhaps have you took it to a mechanic to get diagnosed?

We may decide to not visit when you've got other sorts of faults on your automobile.

For instance in case your car or truck does not start off, it has got AdBlue system faults or has a heat sensor light on we will not be able to perform the cleaning service.

Every once in awhile, we might be unable to reset the dashboard warning on your vehicle. It could be because of various other faults in your system for example EGR faults, DPF pressure sensors, or perhaps fuel vaporizers. When this does happen, we’ll easily be capable to assist you with what direction to go very next, to sort the problem out.

If the car has a flawed pressure sensor, we could change it out for you for an extra cost. Yet another thing we can help with is cleaning up EGR valves on certain kinds of automobiles, if they obviously are only soiled and not defective.

Fuel vaporizers are only replaceable in a garage so this will always be recommended.

Our aftercare team is going to get in touch with you within 48 hrs of our visit (excluding weekends) to check out exactly how our services had been and exactly how your car or truck is actually performing. Should you come across any kind of problems within 2 weeks of our visit, our aftercare team can arrange for the re-visit.

If you're unclear if the DPF could be cleansed or perhaps if it should be replaced, don't worry. This is certainly extremely hard to know undoubtedly without a diagnostics. Our scheduling staff will inquire for as many details as they possibly can to help us see whether a replacement would be the one and only effective solution - or if perhaps DPF cleaning is advisable.

Exactly Where We Work

We could provide our DPF cleaning professional services at the Sonning location of your preference. All of our technicians need is a good flat and levelled place like a driveway, roadside, or even a carpark.

Just make sure you don’t ask them to work on a high slope, as this can be hazardous. Training our skilled technical engineers takes a lot of time and money, so we would prefer to not hurt them. Kidding aside, essential safety along with customer satisfaction is really a cornerstone of our business ethos.

Our Rates

Our price varies based on the automobile, its location, as well as its overall condition. The latter makes it very difficult for all of us to provide a fixed price, but we constantly attempt to be competitively priced as well as to assist our clients comprehend our charges. Cleaning a DPF is often cheaper than replacing the whole system. Replacements may range between £1000 to £4000, yet again depending on the vehicle as well as its condition. To completely clean the DPF costs in between £250 to £400 plus VAT.

For larger commercials, the cost might be higher, usually between £550 and £700 plus VAT.

Preferential Charges & Discounts

We're pleased to be able to offer our professional services for a range of local Berkshire customers, including business motor vehicles, taxi and delivery truck drivers, and Blue Light Card holders, with preferential costs and special discounts. We understand the importance of keeping the car or truck running smoothly, and we're right here to assist you make that happen.

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Different problems with your diesel-powered car or truck might be a consequence of a obstructed or dirty DPF. If you aren’t certain, or perhaps your dash alert light has turn on, contact us.

Our group of skilled technicians are prepared to deal with all kinds of queries you may have for us. We understand that it could be tough to determine whether your current DPF requires cleaning if you simply have an EM light on. That is why our scheduling team will inquire you a number of questions in order to assist us figure out the likelihood of a clean being needed.

When they don’t think it is, they will never send an engineer, they'll advise you about the best very next steps to consider.

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