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Thank you for visiting DPF Cleaner Turners Green, your go-to provider for competent & cost-efficient diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning service.

We well know that possessing a diesel-powered vehicle is definitely an investment which requires correct servicing to maintain it within top condition. This is where we can help. Our group of professional technicians possess the know-how to look after DPF’s on a whole array of vehicles, including vans, cars & trucks less than 7.5 tonnes.

Lots of people don’t value exactly how critical it really is to have their DPF cleaned as part of the regular servicing of their own diesel vehicle. Not doing this may impact the motor vehicles efficiency. Our service aren’t exclusively DPF cleaning. We also offer DPF diagnostics & aftercare help & support.

Our knowledgeable employees are well trained and ready to help you maintain your vehicle's DPF, and provide expert service for you so your vehicle is back to its normal condition.

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Who We Are

DPF-Cleaner Turners Green is actually a local and trusted provider with several years of expertise in cleansing DPFs.

Our team of engineers are fully certified. And supplying the very best standard of service is exactly what inspires them.

We employ state-of-the-art equipment as well as high-strength cleansers to dissolve blockages within DPFs. If you’re stressed due to your vehicle's DPF, then do not wait to contact us!

Beau B 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Fantastic service. Done the job at my house, was quick ,precise and the engineer was a nice guy. Would highly recommend. My van is now running like it was new!

Blair E 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Great service from start to finish. Very professional. Engineer that came out was with us when we were told he’d be there, good communication and very professional.

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Our Services

At DPF Cleaner, we offer expert DPF cleansing services to make certain of your automobile's optimum efficiency. Our solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements, and that we strive to offer high quality services every time, anywhere in Berkshire. Below are a few of the services we offer:

  • - Diesel particulate filter cleaning
  • - Diesel particulate filter cleaning
  • - DPF regeneration

We provide you with a service that is bang for your buck and much more cost efficient than replacing components of your DPF system.

The Procedure

For your DPF cleansing appointment, our Local Turners Green professional will very first carry out a diagnostic check on your vehicle. We very first need to know there aren’t any hidden issues that could prevent us from cleansing the DPF system.

In the event that any issues are found, we'll be capable to help you figure out the next actions to take on.

Provided everything is good on your car or truck, we will proceed with introducing our high-strength professional soap into your DPF. It will then be eventually left to soak for between 45 and 1 hour 30 minutes to allow the detergent to accomplish its work. Soaking will ensure that the dirt resulting in the blockage will be loosened, enabling us to progress with the heat-based cleaning. The heat based cleansing process eliminates all of the cleaning solution along with the loose debris right from the DPF system, making it ultra clean and like new.

And finally, we are going to reset those irritating dashboard warning lights, leaving you to drive happy in the knowledge that your car or truck would be operating effectively.


We know that you may have some doubts about our professional services. These are some of the common questions and their answers:

It truly does rely on the vehicle type & where it is situated. Nevertheless, it really is much less when compared to the cost to replace your DPF & we can provide an estimate before our visit.

We make an attempt to be with you in just 2-4 days or sooner.

Not really, it may be as fast as 90 minutes & worst case, if the DPF is absolutely soiled, around three hours at most.

The enemy of your motor vehicles DPF is you only undertaking frequent, brief journeys. Provided that you carry out the advised longer trips every now and then, all will undoubtedly be well. Our expert will usually talk through actions you can take, to help with all the proper care of your current DPF as part of their visit.

A warranty isn't possible to provide because the DPF is impacted by the way that the car is driven. We do provide a 14 day after-care package in case any DPF related problems return.

Most likely yes, but we will obtain the postal code of the location where the service is to be provided, to make certain very first.

It's a 2 level cleansing process in which we break-down and dissolve the blockage in the DPF utilising high strength cleaning agents & carrying out a regeneration soon after.

As long as it is the DPF blockage we are dealing with then yes it will eventually. For other things that may require fixing we can advise you.

At times a garage will attempt to burn it away utilising forced regeneration but this doesn’t constantly do the job to clear the obstructions if they are very intense.

Our service ensures the blockage is all pulled apart in order that whenever we execute a regeneration, we could get rid of all of the blockage.

Absolutely. Right after the clean we are going to reset the warning light. And if there are additional alert lights displaying, we can offer advice & help relating to them too.

Limp mode is made to protect the cars engine, however it does not have any impact on our technicians completing the cleaning process.

Long drives in a car indicate that the DPF system will go on to cleanse itself which means that this is going to be ideal. But if you always do brief runs it may well get blocked once again.

Performing a diagnostics check well before we actually commence the cleansing process is the vital thing. This can let us know in case there have been other issues which had to be sorted out, prior to we can come back to finish the cleaning process. The pre-clean diagnostic approach usually means we have not been beaten out yet.

Our 14-day after-care service means that in case any kind of issues come up right after our DPF clean inside that interval, we’ll revisit and put it correct, even when that means a re-clean.

We'd like someone to exist on arrival and completion for accessibility to the automobile, operating diagnostics, road tests, documents & settlement. While we perform the cleaning you don't need to to generally be present right there.

The booking fee covers the initial charges involved with our own engineers travel, and performing the diagnostic test.

We will be able to clean your DPF if your motor vehicle is actually running okay. If however it is not as well as the DPF is physically ruined you have to change the DPF.

To make you conscious that the DPF filter has become obstructed.

Main issues may stop us from conducting our clean. In case the vehicle can no longer start-up & operate, we might not be capable to do a cleaning process.

It really will depend on exactly what the additional defects are actually. If they're linked to the DPF problem, then possibly yes. Our engineer will help and discuss you about things on their direct visit.

Service Areas

DPF Cleaner Turners Green could clean up your automobile pretty much any place in Turners Green: in driveways, vehicle parking facilities and street sides yet as long as the car is actually on a flat surface.

Having said that, we normally stay away from conducting a cleaning service upon an incline or sharp drive-way simply because this could be dangerous for the engineer handling your motor vehicle.

Exactly How Much Will it Cost

When it comes to rates, we understand that it is vital to be transparent with all of our customers. We would like to help you understand the price of our service. But we can not give a set price tag, as the cost will differ depending on the car's condition. One thing which is for certain is, that the cleansing process is much less than the cost to change the DPF. Authentic part replacements can cost from £1000 (approximately) to £4000 for bigger high-end brand automobiles, whilst the price of a clean depends upon the condition of the automobile and might range from £250 to £400 + VAT for more common vehicles.

Bigger commercial vehicle will surely cost a little bit more.

Preferential Charges and Discounts

We're very pleased to be able to offer our professional services for a variety of local Berkshire customers, such as business motor vehicles, taxi & delivery drivers, as well as Blue Light Card holders, with preferential costs and special discounts. We can offer industry rates & discounts to these customers, in addition to Blue Light Card holders.


Carrying out a great job of cleansing your current DPF is only the very first step in the great solutions we provide.

All of these expert services normally have an aftercare staff that contacts all of the clients within just 48 hours of our visit (not including weekends) to check how the services was & how the vehicle is performing.


Our very first step when you contact us would be to inquire a small number of questions to establish if your current DPF can be cleansed or not.

Here are a few types of questions you may well be asked:

  • Are the journeys usually just quick ones?
  • Has your fuel efficiency end up being a whole lot worse?
  • Should your car features a start/stop function, does it look operating effectively?
  • Is your car or truck not working as good as it used to?
  • Have you ever had your car diagnosed by the mechanic prior to getting in touch with us, or is it really an alert light on your instrument cluster?

We might choose to not visit if you have other faults on the car or truck.

For instance when your car or truck does not start, it has AdBlue system flaws or perhaps has a temperature warning light on we will be in a position to carry out the cleaning services.

Occasionally, we might not be able to totally reset the dashboard warning on the vehicle. This is often due to other error codes on your motor vehicle. When this does indeed occur, we’ll easily be able to help you with what direction to go very next, in order to solve the problem out.

If the motor vehicle has a faulty pressure sensing unit, we will change it for you personally for an additional charge. A couple of flaws which are typical are EGR faults, DPF pressure sensors & fuel vaporizers that are a common fault on Ford motor vehicles. Always trying to offer a full services, on certain automobiles we can clean up the EGR valve, providing the only just issue is dirt build-up.

Fuel vaporizers are only replaceable inside a garage therefore this will always be advised.

After we have cleaned your DPF, our aftercare team is going to contact you within just 48 hrs (apart from weekends) to obtain feedback right from you. We'll ask you with regards to the services you received and exactly how your vehicle has been performing since. We are able to schedule a revisit to you personally in fourteen days you encounter any problems.

There is no way to find out whether your DPF requires to be cleaned out without carrying out a diagnostic on it. Our scheduling staff will request for as many details as they possibly can to help us see whether a replacement would be your one and only efficient remedy - or if DPF cleaning is sensible.


We are right here at the end of the telephone to help you with the Diesel motor vehicle, irrespective of your inquiry. So please get in touch.

Our scheduling staff asks you questions about your issue as well as automobile to determine whether it is a clean you need to they'll advise another solution. An EM light on the dash panel may imply that your DPF requires special attention, but not always. Contacting our scheduling team is the perfect bet. They will make inquiries, to help detect whether your current DPF is actually the issue.

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