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Professional Mobile DPF Specialists in Ufton Green

DPF Cleaner Ufton Green is a leading provider of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning service in Ufton Green. We consistently give our customers with a competent, yet cost-effective services.

If you possess a diesel-powered vehicle, you need to keep it effectively looked after to make sure of its reliability. At DPF Cleaner Ufton Green we provide this specific service. Our professional employees focus on cleaning DPFs to really get your diesel car, van, or truck (below 7.5 tonnes) back again on the streets.

DPF cleaning is a vital part of preserving your diesel engine car or truck's performance, and our team is right here to assist you make sure your vehicle is running smoothly. We provide all sorts of services, which include DPF cleaning, DPF diagnostic, & aftercare support.

Your vehicle's DPF is going to be returned to its initial condition, and fantastic working order because of our team of knowledgeable & professional techs.

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About Our Firm

Here at DPF-Cleaner Ufton Green, we've got several years of experience with cleaning DPF’s, and give a local and dependable service.

We're a group of qualified technicians who take great pride in delivering excellent services for our clients.

Making use of our state-of-the-art equipment & ultra-strength cleansers just melts DPF blockages away. Make sure you contact us if you have any kind of problems with your vehicle’s DPF.

Corrie V 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

Prompt and efficient service by people who know what they're about. They came out to my location in under an hour of booking in a service and was able to diagnose and fix my problem. Would definitely recommend them all day.

Samuel V 5
DPF Cleaning & Restoration

The person who came out to resolve my blocked DPF was great. Came on time, did the diagnostics and was able to resolve the issue. Car runs great now. Would definitely use them again.

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Our Services

In order to ensure your diesel-powered automobile is operating at its very best, DPF Cleaner Ufton Green provides the very highest level of services. Each Berkshire customer will get a personalised services, depending on their actual motor vehicle and it’s DPF state. Some of the expert services available from DPF Fixer are:

  • - DPF maintenance
  • - Diesel particulate filter cleaning
  • - DPF regeneration

Our solutions are reasonably priced and cost-effective when compared with DPF replacement unit charges. We try to keep our costs low to ensure you obtain the best value for your money.

Our Technique

When you book a cleaning appointment with us, the very first thing our local Ufton Green technician will do is carry out a diagnostics test on the vehicle to determine if any defects will prevent us from cleaning the DPF.

In the event that any kind of problems are identified, we will be capable to assist you to decide the next actions to take.

Upon discovering no problems we shall start the actual procedure. First we clean the filtration system by making use of our special soap based solution. To break down pretty much all unwanted blocks, we are going to allow it soak for approximately 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours. This will break up the obstruction within your DPF system as well as make it much easier for us to do a heat-based clean up. The heat based cleaning procedure gets rid of all of the cleaning solution along with the loosened debris from the DPF system, making it super clear & like new.

Finally, we are going to reset any kind of DPF-related warning lights on the vehicle, so you're able to drive with full confidence.

Just How Much Will it Cost

Our costs vary based on the automobile, its location, and its overall condition. The latter makes it quite difficult for all of us to give a set price, but we constantly strive to be competitively priced as well as to assist our clients know our pricing structure. One thing that is for certain is, that our cleansing process costs much less than the price to change the DPF. As an example, a new DPF will surely cost in between £1000 & £4000, whereas cleaning up one on the typical automobile in reasonable overall condition will probably be about £250 to £400 + VAT.

Bigger industrial vehicle will surely cost somewhat more.

Preferential Prices & Special Discounts

DPF care is a valuable part of keeping business vehicle fleets and also taxi’s etc. running efficiently. We understand the significance of keeping your motor vehicle operating smoothly, and we're here to help you achieve that.


Among the many substantial benefits of utilizing a mobile DPF cleaning service is the aftercare that is given.

As stated previously the aftercare staff will certainly phone you in 2 days right after the cleaning (except week-ends) and we'll be happy to hear your feedback and be sure you are happy with the actual service obtained.

Answers to Popular Queries

DPF cleaning is not a well known procedure, so lots of people usually have questions regarding it. Listed here is a selection of the commonly asked ones:

It truly does rely on the vehicle type & exactly where it is located. Nevertheless, it's far less when compared to the price to replace your DPF & we can offer a quotation prior to our visit.

We make an attempt to be around you in just 2-4 days or sooner.

The cleaning process could take about 1.45-2.30 hours, if it is really blocked then worst case is 3 hours.

Provided that you are taking care of the car or truck & going on long drives like recommended your vehicle will manage itself, there are actually preventive measures you could take also that the engineer will run you through.

Exactly Where Could We Do the Job

DPF Cleaner Ufton Green can easily cleanse your car or truck practically any place in Ufton Green: in drive-ways, vehicle parks and also street sides however as long as the car is actually on a flat surface.

Just make sure you don’t get them to work on a steep downward slope, because this will be quite unsafe. Coaching our skilled engineers requires a great deal of time and funds, so we would prefer to not hurt them. Kidding aside, essential safety along with customer care is really a building block of our own business ethos.

Figuring Out the Issue

While in the call when you contact us to reserve your appointment, our team may present a few pre-determined questions to make sure that your DPF may actually be cleaned effectively.

Some of the inquiries we are going to ask involve:

  • Is the vehicle primarily used for brief journeys?
  • Has there been a notable drop in the MPG of your car or truck?
  • Do the start-stop function on your car still functioning properly?
  • Is your car not performing as good as it previously used to?
  • Has any garage asked you to contact us, or have you witnessed the light on your dashboard?

In case your motor vehicle has actually been diagnosed with another fault along with a DPF fault, we may decide to not visit.

For instance, when the car has got some AdBlue system flaws or perhaps a heat sensor flaw, the clean simply can't be conducted. In case your car is a non-starter, we can't do the cleaning service.

Sometimes we have visited however happen to be unable to totally reset warning lights. This could be because of various other fault codes on the car. When this really does take place, we’ll definitely be capable to help you with how to proceed next, to solve the problem out.

We can however help you replace a faulty pressure sensor if your vehicle requires it, at an extra fee. Typical faults comprise DPF pressure sensors, EGR faults, and fuel vaporizers (particularly on Fords, which are prone to fail). We are able to also thoroughly clean EGR valves for customers on specific cars, but only if they are simply dusty and never exhibiting any permanent defects.

Fuel vaporizers are just exchangeable inside a garage so this will definitely be suggested.

When we have cleaned your current DPF, our aftercare team is going to contact you within 2 days (taking out weekends) to get feedback from you. We are going to inquire about the services you have obtained and the way your car or truck happens to be working since. Obviously when you come across any issues with your current DPF in 14 days of our visit, we’ll come back and set things best for you.

If you're unclear if the DPF could be cleaned or perhaps if it has to be changed, don't worry. This is certainly difficult to find out undoubtedly without having a diagnostics. While in the first phone chat, our scheduling team will attempt to get as much information as they possibly can. This is certainly to figure out if we can offer services for you or maybe in fact a replacement unit could be the solution.


Many issues with your current diesel car or truck may be a result of a blocked or unclean DPF. In the event you are not certain, or perhaps your dashboard alert light has turn on, call us.

Our team of skilled engineers are generally prepped to take care of all sorts of queries you might have for us. We know it could be difficult if your automobile has defects so we want to assist you efficiently and quickly.

We will only send the Ufton Green technician when we believe that a clean is necessary.

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